NITME – Nordic Initiative on Travel Medicine Education

Welcome to the website of Nordic Foundation Course in Travel Medicine

NITME had a great pleasure to announce the 2nd Foundation Course in Travel Medicine in partnership with Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPSG).


Unfortunately we received too few applications to the 2nd NFCTM and we will therefor not be able to start the course this autumn.

We strongly recommend all interested to contact the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Glasgow and apply for their Foundation Course that starts in November. You can find more information here:

We apologise for this inconvenience and we are really sorry for not being able to provide this educational effort this time.



For Norwegian doctors, the Foundation course was approved with 21 points (klinisk emnekurs) for the speciality in general practice, with 14 hours for the speciality in community medicine (samfunnsmedisin) and 24 hours for the speciality in infectious diseases

For Norwegian nurses, the Foundation course was approved by NSF with 25 hours for clinical specialists in nursing.


The Foundation Course is available to health care professionals working in a relevant field, or with a special interest. The course is multidisciplinary and available to anyone holding minimum of bachelor degree in a health profession (ex. medical doctors, registered nurses).

The Course gives credit for Modul 1 in the Diploma Course at RCPSG.